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Welcome To The Machine

What’s in a song? It’s the age-old question. In simple terms, a song is the seamless combination of melody and words. When The Brandery decided to invest in eva, we knew their agency partner needed to be the perfect combination of innovative and edgy in order to make eva’s branding a hit. In only 12 weeks, Creative Department created a completely new brand identity along with copy, web design and more. This partnership was a match made in rock and roll heaven.

Us And Them (As told by Creative Department’s CEO Lauren Anderson)

The first thing we noticed about eva’s Channing Moreland and Makenzie Stokel was their fantastic energy. We knew they’d be a great fit for our agency. Additionally, we recognized that they really understood their product, and their market — they had actually booked music themselves while in college, which inspired their idea for an online booking platform.

It was clear to us that their idea would be a success, and we were pumped to help them develop their brand and share their story. We wanted to create something brilliantly simple to help them stand out in the category, and they were extremely open to that thinking.

High Hopes

Our most important contribution, the foundational element, was the creation of the eva identity, which communicates the brand’s distinctive vitality and positions them miles away from their competitors. Beyond their identity, we helped eva formalize their branding and advertising, including brand promise and expression, brand guidelines, website design, copy, and recommended a campaign of communication touchpoints.

Creative Department setup analytics tracking, website engagement and established conversion measurement. And performed a PPC campaign that currently has a 4% conversion rate. We believe eva will grow, and we’re proud to have contributed.

Learning To Fly (As told by eva’s CEO Channing Moreland)

When people ask us what the most impactful experience was while going through The Brandery program, we can’t not talk about the incredible experience we had while working with Creative Department. We are so grateful for our new brand, eva, the brainchild of the CD team, and a clear example of what top notch talent and branding looks like. The entire process of developing the new brand was not only educational, insightful, and extremely fun, but it was such a lesson to us on what branding an international level brand should look like. They gave us the tools and the foundation to leave The Brandery and continue the growth they helped lay with this new foundation. We are indebted to Creative Department for the impeccable work and consider them forever a part of the eva team!

If you are interested in learning more or working with Creative Department, reach out to our Program Manager Jess Mabis (jess@brandery.org) to get connected. The full eva package can be seen here.

About Creative Department

Launched in 1992, Creative Department is an agency of pioneers, visionaries, entrepreneurs and brand builders. We’re celebrating 28 years of breathing life into brands through both digital and traditional advertising strategy and execution.

About eva

eva’s​ SaaS platform automates booking professional entertainment for corporate and private events. Entertainment and events are matched based on ​eva’s ​custom bidding process and analytics. ​eva​ facilitates the contract and payment process from end to end.



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